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Frequently Asked Questions

San Tan Valley Little League (STVLL) is a volunteer organization dedicated to providing a fun, team
oriented, instructional yet competitive baseball environment for your child. Below is a list of frequently
asked questions and answers. If you have a question that you do not see in the list below, please submit
an email to the following:

[email protected]

Note: Check out the following website for additional information on setting up a new registration account.
Help Guide

How do I register my child?
Go to the home page on our website and click on the button “Log in" at the top right
corner. The first time you register with STVLL you will need to create an account. You will use that
account when registering in all subsequent seasons with STVLL

How much does it cost to play baseball at STVLL?
Fall 2024:

Coach Pitch - $110.00
T-Ball - $110.00

What types of payments do you accept?
 Visa/Mastercard (Online only)
I am trying to sign my child up, but am not sure what division to select, is there a difference?
Suggested Age groups for each division are as follows:
  - Juniors 13-15
  - Majors 10-12
  - Minors 8-10
-Rookies 7-8
- Coach Pitch 5-6
- T-Ball 4-5

Note: For our kid pitch divisions (Rookies and up), if your child has experience in one of the divisions
above and you would like them to play up, you may sign them up for one of the higher divisions
(depending on their birthday month/year). Ultimately, player evaluations and subsequent draft will
determine which division they play in. These players may end up in a higher or lower division
depending on skill level.  

Are there any discounts associated with having more than one child play in the league?
2nd child, $25 off,  3rd child $50 off, 4th child $75 off and any additional thereafter. 

What is my child’s league age?
Please go to our League age Calculator under "Registration" and enter the required information to determine your child’s league age.

Does the league supply helmets, bats, and gloves?
The league will provide a game jersey and hat to each player. Parents are responsible for cleats, pants,
socks, belts, gloves, bats, helmets and any other equipment a player may need. Parents should wait until
the coaches communicate the color of the pants/socks/belts before purchasing them. The league will provide Helmets that can be shared by the team. 

What are player evaluations like (Rookie/Minor/Major/Junior)?
Evaluations may vary from year to year. The current format is as follows:
-Infield ground balls to Shortstop with a throw to first to judge their fielding ability and arm strength –3 chances
-Fly balls to the outfield to judge their ability to track the baseball and make the catch – 3 chances
-Batting to judge their ability to track and make contact with the ball – 4-5 swings
-Base running home to first and home to second

Can I request a Coach?
Coaches can always be requested in the T-Ball and Coach Pitch divisions. Players in the “kid pitch”
divisions and up are drafted to teams.

I would like my child to play with his/her friend, is this possible?
See explanation for coach request above. Requests can be made for T-Ball and Coach Pitch divisions.

How should I prepare my child for evaluations?
We would suggest you practice the format that is listed in the above question #7.

When are evaluations?
STVLL will send an email announcing evaluations and the information will be posted on our website at
least 14 days prior.

When does the season start?
The season starts in March for the Spring and September for the Fall. The exact start date will vary from
year to year and will be announced. Check our website for updates.

How many games will we play?
Spring season in generally 12 to 18 games. Fall season depends on the number of players that register
and the number of teams, but can range from 12 to 14 games. Number of games is dependent on the
number of teams formed in the division.

What days/time will the games be played?
Games could be played Monday through Friday with start times of 5:30 PM. Saturdays are 8:00 AM and
played all day. Game schedules cannot be set until the registration process is complete and teams are

Where are the games at STVLL played?
Most of the games for the Tball/Coach Pitch divisions are played at Copper Basin K-8 School (FUSD), which is
located at 28682 N Main St, San Tan Valley 85143. Depending on the number of teams in each division
there could be interleague play with other leagues.

Note: For Rookies/minors/majors/juniors we play against other leagues within our district so games may be
played at any of those league’s fields.

When and where are the practices held?
Practice times and locations are determined by the team’s manager.

What do I do if I want to volunteer for coach, assistant coach or help out with the league?
We always appreciate volunteers. If you are interested in coaching, please register as a Team Manager
or Assistant Coach through the registration link.  If you are interested in joining the board or helping out
on a committee please contact [email protected]

Where do I send the medical release form and birth certificate for my child?
You will upload the birth certificate during the registration process. This is the preferred
method. For the medical release form, please hold onto it and give it to your coach once the
teams have been formed and you have your first practice.

We registered but can no longer play, can we get a refund?
Please email registration at [email protected]. Please note there are no refunds given after the
first game is played/uniforms and hats have been worn.

How does STVLL form the teams?
During the Spring season, all teams with the exception of Coach Pitch and T-Ball are formed
through a player draft that occurs the week following tryouts. Coach Pitch and T-Ball are formed
by the division directors for those leagues. 
Although STVLL makes every attempt to fulfill a registration request, there will always be a few
outliers that are out of our control depending on the number of players registered and
registration date. Priority is given to players that register early.

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